Just picked up my new 500 f4 MkII - Wow its light!

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Re: Just picked up my new 500 f4 MkII - Wow its light!

Very nice, though I find the original 500 F4 IS isn't too bad to carry about and fine with a monopod, and I'm a slim build. I take it with me on the bird surveys and my sites involve a lot of walking up steep hills, so I've got used it. Enjoy!

I'll be going for the 600MkII at some point down the line, just the price (and thus getting the cash together) is a sticking point. But I think that is the sweet spot in the superteles if you do wildlife (raptors in my case).

birdbrain wrote:

I have been all over the place wondering whether to upgrade my 500 f4 to either the new 300 f2.8 MkII or the new 500 f4 MkII. Well, in the end I decided there is nothing like having the reach so I did a deal and got the new 500 f4 MkII and a 1.4 MkIII.

The weight difference is amazing the new MkII is definitely light enough for me, puny muscles, to hand hold or use on a mono-pod. I knew the MkII's were going to be lighter but it's not until you pick it up and try it out you really find out by just how much.

All I need now is a day when I can get out and use it, which probably won't be for at least a week 

I will have to make do shooting out in the back garden when I can

Lets hope the birds are obliging in a weeks time.

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