Worried about the future of Canon's Txi/XXXD Line after seeing T5i...

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Re: T6i?

Midwest wrote:

But I don't go over there to their forum

Their forum? And not like Dpreview's forum, our forum, forum of all the people registered here?

Jim, the negative responses come more from people who are sick of debating that our cameras are inferior based on some charts on a test site diagram.

Our cameras? I see a pattern here. Our cameras, their cameras. Maybe we shouldn't talk about any cameras because they all belong to somebody? If that is so important to you, may I remind you that Canon is "my camera" too, because I still own a Canon camera and lots of compatible equipment. And yes, at the moment "our cameras" are inferior if judged by picture quality. Does it hurt to admit it? It didn't hurt me even back then when I had no idea that I'm going to buy a Nikon.

But here's an idea. If you are so tired debating the state of Canon cameras, maybe you should not participate on discussions entitled "Worried about the future of Canon's Txi/XXXD Line after seeing T5i". Sounds logical to me.

I won't show you any pictures just to win an argument on the Internet. I have no interest of showing my photos here. I'm here to discuss things. And let's be honest. Is there a single photo in the whole wide world that would convince you that there really is a noticeable difference considering dynamic range?

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