Just a few comments on the recent forum controversy...

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sensible point-of-view

marcio_napoli wrote:

I agree with the OP.

I'm that kind of guy that has nowhere else to talk about photography other than DP Review, as I have no friends that enjoy photography as much as I do.

So I lurk on all forums, without exception. Even the Canon forum attracts me (I'm a Nikon guy).

Of all forums, this one attracts me the most, mainly because I love Leica gear.

If I just wanted to look at images produced by any other camera, I would just lurk everywhere else, like I've always did.

If I want to see the Foveon magic (TM), I just go to the Sigma forum. Simple.

If I just want to see images (regardless of camera), there's virtually all other places in the world for that (magazines, books, internet, movies!, etc).

So why do I come here?

To see Leica gear being used. Simple as that.

If we just accept everything from every other maker, then why do we need a LEICA forum ?

Just to give an example:

I shoot with my Phase One and Nikon gear.

But I don't post all that much in the Nikon forum, as that's a tedious and mean forum most of the time.

I don't post my digital medium format stuff anywhere in DP Review, because there is no digital MF forum.

So if I have no home, can I post on the Leica forum and just be welcomed? Of course not, because I have no Leica gear.

I do post here occasionally, I do... but it's just about general photography and Leica talk, with no images from my cameras.

Again, because it's a Leica forum.

Just my 2 cents

Sensible point of view.  And logical too, of course.

But there is also an impression here, on this forum, of being a community that reaches beyond Leica-owners and users to Leica-philes and even photo-philes.

So I guess that the correct way to work would be for non-Leica users :

* to participate in the community

* without showing images that are not Leica-made

* unless (exception 1) a Leica lens is used (with another body) or a Leica body is used (with a different branded lens)

* or unless (exception 2) photos with other gear are shown exclusively in order to compare with images shot with Leica-gear (as in "Great shot with your Leica.  Here is something that I think is quite similar but shot with brand X, Y or Z" - fine line with trolling : it depends on the tone, I believe).

PS : Marcio, some nice imagery on your website.

The photo of the model in the little boat in front of Taj Mahal, is that a composite or a live shot with a bit of PP?  It looks great in any case.

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