Displaying 17x22 prints

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Re: Displaying 17x22 prints

I also use my 3880 to print at 17x22 or larger and have accumulated several 'handfuls' of prints that I enjoying showing to others. But first I needed a container for storage, at this size damage comes easy: scratches, rubbing..etc. So I purchased a package of Crysal Clear plastic bags from ClearBags,  ClearBags Contacts   17+ x 25+    B1725 $49/100


For me, Crystal Clear was an understatement, I inserted a 17x25 print of a pair of 'resting' lions-- held it up for review and swore the lions were ready to pounce!! You can easily display your hiQ prints while in the bag--pass them around or tack on a wall. To show the media's texture, slide the print easily out of the bag. For household storage you wll want to store flat build a series of stacked shelves or visit Ikea!!

good luck  irv weiner

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