Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

after taking a few shots with the x20 i will have to say that it's really a mixed bag.

seems like the most troublesome shots for this camera is with low contrast low light shapes like dark brown hair that flows into itself (wavy hair) the camera applies too much smoothing and pushes contrast a bit too far in it's auto modes. i'm sure a great photographer can dial in the right settings and get great shots but i found the auto modes with jpgs not great with some subjects.

using RAW will yield way better results that it's not even funny.

all that said i'm still pretty jazzed about this cam because of it's form and function and i don't mind using RAW. i would however love to figure out if there is a way to get the auto modes to behave a bit better.

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