Are the constant aperture Panasonic lenses worth it (and are you wating for Olympus?)

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Re: Very depressing

Well, I know Marty a little and he is not defensive at all. Instead of pointing at others, reread what you wrote first and than try to understand how that comes across to others. That is what I find so many times "I don't understand it" means "that person is stupid, shortsightened, bad, evil etc". Just try to understand others, I know it is much more difficult to do than judge them.

I don't own any of those two lenses, I am not defensive towards mFTs and see its shortcoming etc but I agree with Marty that what you write is simply not very realistic for the reasons he gave. That is all.

What you want is what Marty described and it is not possible for the reasons he gave. Indeed, look at the 35-100 f2 Oly lens. Now for m43s it can be made a bit smaller, but not much. It won't sell all too well probably, because it defeats the purpose of the system for too many people, let alone the steep price. Now if there comes a 43/m43 hybrid body (rumoured) that does do PDAF exceptionally well they can use that lens and smaller lenses on hopefully a compact but ergonomically sane body, so you can pay 2400 dollar and have that fantastic lens.

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