a77 Flash suggestions?

Started Mar 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
ChrisSwiss Regular Member • Posts: 144

I am using a F43AM and two 5600HS. Both flashes are great on the A77, I especially like the ergonomics of the F43AM. With eneloops or the external battery pack (for the 5600HS), they recycle fairly quick.

BUT: both the F43AM and the 5600HS will overheat when used heavily, e.g. on event shoots. All my three flashes failed on wedding shoots, with both eneloops and the external battery pack. After those unpleasant experiences, I did some (non-scienctific) testing, and I came to the conclusion that Sony/Minolta flashes are simply counting the number of flashes fired in a certain period of time. I doubt there even is a temperatur sensor inside the flashes. After a certain amount of test pictures with medium flash power, the flashes showed the infamous "overheat" symbol and stopped working. The flash itself was not even luke warm and the batteries were still as cold as when I inserted them.

Btw, I read about the same overheating issues with the F56AM, F58AM and even the new F60AM.

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