Just how crappy is the 16-50 kit lens? Test vs 17mm prime & 11-16 Tokina

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Re: Lens speed?

emailsucks98 wrote:

I’ve had my Nex-6 for 2 weeks, with the 16-50 PZ, and I am struggling to get sharp pictures. I don’t believe it’s the lens though, I’ll take responsibility!

The Nex-6 was an upgrade from my previous camera, a Canon S-90. I’m finding it takes more work to get a sharp picture out of the Sony. I think it is to the lens, only in the sense that the S90 had a brighter/faster lens (F2) compared to the Sony PZ lens (F3.5). The settings that worked great on the S90 are producing soft/blurry/out-of-focus images on the Nex-6. For instance, I am a mountain biker and shoot a lot of  pictures of people riding in the woods (shady lighting, motion in the 10-15mph range).  1/80 or faster in S mode would get me usably clear images on the S90; I’m having to shoot above 1/200 to get comparable clarity on the Nex-6 (assuming auto ISO and aperture). I am experimenting a lot with the various focus and metering modes to see what helps.

For MTB in the woods if you want stopped motion, 1/500 from front and 1/1000 from side is recommended. By shooting with 1/80 of 1/125 and proper panning techique from side you will get just about right amount of motion and sharpness. To get more speed blur, shoot at 1/40, but panning must be right.

This is with panning and 1/80


This is 1/400


This was prefocused


You now have bigger sensor and narrower depth of field so focusing errors show more than before with S90. I don't have experience of AF speed of NEX6 (I shoot with Canon 1DM3), but focusing in dark forest to moving object is hard for any camera without fast lens. I still often tend to in some cases prefocus on certain point and then just shoot when subject hit's that spot. That works best when shooting from side, but if shutterlag is low, that works even when shooting from front.

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