Epson 7890 refillable cartridges

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Re: Epson 7890 refillable cartridges

guidodg wrote:

I am about to order an Epson 7890 large format printer for printing fine art photography.

Can anyone give some advice on whether I should stick to original Epson ink cartridges or perhaps try some aftermarket ones...perhaps even refillable ones?


Hi I have recently taken delivery of a 7890 (I also have the 4800). I would not consider using OM's inks. Printing professionally is agame until itself, and adding an unknown variable is not my idea of fun, so I have always stuck to the manufacturers inks. My only problem with the printer so far has been the cutter. It often does not cut right across the full 24" when using roll paper whether telling the printing software (I use Qimage) or cutting manually via the machine. Do keep in touch with me regarding your experiences of the printe as comparing notes could be usefully for us both.

As the warranty lasts for thefirst year I will be phoning Epson re the cutter, just haven't had time a yet.


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