OMD and 50-200 SWD - FAIL

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Re: It's a matter of expectations

TrapperJohn wrote:

Why put up with that slow AF? The 50-200 will do something that no current M43 lens in that focal length range, outside of the 75 1.8, can do - remain sharp when the light gets dim. There is the Panny 35-100, which is sort of like a slightly soft 50-200, with a much higher price tag, plus vignetting wide open, something the 50-200 does not do.

I have found the Panasonic 35-100 to be an excellent performer { GH3}  a view that is confirmed by all the reviews I have read delivering results the equal of the 50-200 SWD which I also own. As to higher price tag that rather depends on where you live as here in the UK they are priced very similarly with the 50-200 being a tad more expensive.

The 50-200 has more reach but this comes in at nearly 3 times the weight and it is not as fast. The only issue with the Panasonic is the vignetting wide open which is a bit of a non-issue in most situations and is a simple one click fix if it is annoying.The 50-200 does not vignette at 50mm but it certainly does at longer focal lengths, but again this is really a non-issue as it is so easily dealt with { assuming it is noticeably in the first instance}


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