First trip with the Panasonic 45-150mm

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Guy Parsons
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Re: First trip with the Panasonic 45-150mm

Same here, did first trip with 45-150mm on E-PL5 but spent most time with 14-45mm and did not work the 45-150mm much, but enough to see that it is a good lens.

Works fine for me because the E-PL5 can use the unswitched OIS. The better build and metal mount inspires a bit more confidence, plus the supplied lens hood and centre pinch lens cap and the fact it has 52mm filter thread makes it fit in with my other lenses better. (9-18mm and 14-45mm both 52mm threads).

Just now testing across the room and with E-PL5 custom menu item C lens IS priority = on plus SCP S-IS = 1 and I can get 8 out of 10 success with 1/15 and 1/20 sec shots hand-held at 150mm. Nice.

(Note to Oly E-PL5/E-PM2 users, you do need the IBIS on to then get the priority of the lens unswitched OIS working, the shaky preview at say 150mm and 2x digital  teleconverter turns to a nice steady display, so Oly E-PL5/E-PM2 users can get a stabilised preview which does not happen with any other Pen).

The Raynox 250 +8 dioptre works spectacularly well giving better than 1:1 macro plus no vignetting at all through the whole zoom range, but a saner +3 dioptre Nikon 4T is easier to use.

Plus of course in Australia the 45-150mm was cheaper than the Oly 40-150mm when I bought it last December.

Regards....... Guy

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