Praktina lenses are also compatible

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Re: Praktina lenses are also compatible

Praktina mount might not catch my attention simply because of the age of that ancient optics (late 50s). Since those lenses most likely luck any coatings, I wasn't looking for them, which I regret now. But DDR Praktica was just a dream for us, students living in USSR, and it did produce some outstanding optics, even by today's standards.

Thank you for enlighten me.


Tom Caldwell wrote:

Praktina is "funny" three equal-size lug bayonet mount thing.  I also have the Meyer Telefogar of some renown but it is Altix mount (almost exclusively). Some home engineered mount conversions about.  Thought it worth a try from this Dresden site but they don't ship to Australia, maybe even not outside Germany at all.  I have some reservations about the adapter material as well.

Meyer made some of their lenses with simple exchangeable adapter ends for Praktina, M42 and Exakta, but only for certain telephoto lenses as far as I know.

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Tom Caldwell

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