HELP! Both Raid Drives "not readable"

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Re: HELP! Both Raid Drives "not readable"

Joe Tam wrote:

I fell for the broad claims that diskwarrior site makes.  claims like:

"DiskWarrior recovers your files including your photos, music and videos.DiskWarrior is the safest, most technologically advanced, most powerful utility to eliminate directory damage and recover your files, folders and documents. DiskWarrior is so advanced it can even recover your data from a failing hard drive. Yet all that power is hidden behind one button."

It's kind of useless if it can't even see the drive.

Questions like "How does DiskWarrior recover data no one else can?" on their site are very broad but once again useless if Diskwarrior can't even see the drive.

useless if Diskwarrior can't even see the drive.DiskWarrior is the only product that finds all of your data.":  Claims such "

"You'll save money buying DiskWarrior first.":  once again useless if Diskwarrior can't even see the drive.

"DiskWarrior cures those cryptic errors reported by Disk Utility.":  once again useless if Diskwarrior can't even see the drive.

I have never seen that situation but then again I have never ripped out a single drive from a raid configuration. It's a special case and it's also the reason I don't use raid configurations. You're left with proprietary vendor drivers/configurations and in the mercy of the vendors support.

I have used both DW and DR for years. They solve different problems and I use as such. Everything you quoted above is true in my experience but of course, if the drive doesn't mount nothing works. DR takes another approach. It doesn't try to rebuild the drive. Just recover files it can find. You then have to use other tools to format the drive (if you thinks the issue was something other than a hw failure).

I use DW in a regular maintenance workflow. I will rebuild my drives with DW once or twice a year. This is a non-destructive process that keeps the drive (the file system) healthy and problem free.

Doug R wrote:

Maybe someday you'll have a failure that DW will solve and you'll get your moneys worth. However hope this dose not happen and you have to eat the $109 forever you've gone through enough pain already.

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