Bought GRX P10 Kit..but I need advice now..

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Re: Bought GRX P10 Kit..but I need advice now..

madmaxmedia wrote:

Sorry I didn't see your question, I think you ordered a kit and subsequently needed repair/exchange- hopefully you get that resolved soon.

As silly as it sounds, my main issue with the GXR was simply that it is not a GR camera! I sort of led myself to believe the GXR + A12 28mm would be 'just like' a APS-C GRD.

I now have a GXR A12 28mm kit again. It has the fantastic Ricoh interface, in a body that is similar to a Canon G15 (or whatever number they are up to now). A great 28mm lens with very good APS-C sensor, yet much smaller than a DSLR. That works for me.

I am okay with the GXR A12 JPEG's up to ISO 1600. There's less noise reduction because there's less noise to reduce to begin with. For important stuff I'll shoot more RAW just to get better IQ overall, and because the GXR seems reasonably quick shooting them.

The other thing is I have now spent more time figuring out some good custom presents. I have 1 set at hyperfocal at f/8, and another that gives me a good medium focus range at f/5.6. I'm okay with the A12 AF speed but it's not fast (obviously snap mode is good here too.)

Thanks for your reply. It is appreciated. I have gone ahead since my post and ordered the 28mmand am still waiting for it's arrival.

I am having problems with my new GXR body (which keeps gving me error message "replace the batteries") when the batteries are perfectly fine. So the GXR is at Ricoh as of now and they said they are going to replace it.

So in a week or so I hope to get all this ironed out and get on with enjoying the lovely spring weather and the GXR.

Again thanks for your reply

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