HELP! Both Raid Drives "not readable"

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I know you're skeptical about DW, but I think the lesson to take away from this is that it's worthwhile to have more than one tool in your toolbox. At various times, some utilities may see a damaged drive when others cannot, and this may change from incident to incident.

About DW, I've recovered files with DW when other utilities couldn't even see the drive. I'm skeptical of others' claims that DW will damage a drive if you try to recover data. I've used DW for many, many years for routine maintenance and damage control. On the rare occasions when it's encountered severe data corruption, it's always stopped short of replacing the directory, warned of possible data loss and prompted me to use the new directory - stored in memory and not written to the disk - to copy files to another drive. Again, the reconstituted directory is not written to the drive. It is kept in RAM and used to locate the files on the damaged drive. This is very effective for locating files which are not damaged but which the system cannot locate due to directory corruption. For situations where the corruption extends beyond the directory into the actual data files themselves, you'll need other tools. But, in the majority of cases where the system cannot locate a file, this is due to directory damage, which is DW's specialty.

For more extensive damage, there's also Drive Genius, and TechTool. All three have served me well at various times over the years, but no one utility solves every issue. I still run DW every few weeks, as it finds and fixes minor directory damage caused by power loss, forced restarts, or improper disconnection of drives before it accumulates into a serious problem.

Also, I've always felt that RAID 1 was pretty useless. If you accidentally delete a file, it's instantly gone from both drives. If the enclosure fails, you've lost access to both drives, at least temporarily. And, rebuilding a failed drive takes as long as simply copying data back from a separate backup drive. Better to have two separate drives, one backing up the other with enough of a delay than an accidental deletion can be noticed and reversed before it migrates to the backup.

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