Camera choice for Europe trip

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Re: Take the X100

YES by all means take the X100!!!  my X100 got its shakedown cruise in Geneva in December. Wonderful camera for just about all forms of photography... but you have to commit to it and concentrate on it... I split my time between a Rebel T4i and the X100... and as I expected, I missed shots because I was using one camera when the situation called for the other. 
My suggestion is make sure you have the latest X100 firmware and extra batteries for darn sure!

I recently took my X100 to the Smithsonian Air&Space annex to view the Shuttle orbiter Discovery... now I made the bold (some of my fellow space nuts would say CRAZY) decision to only take the X100... but since I frequently travel to DC if I made a bad gear decision I could always make it up later... well my images with the x100 were amazing... and the panorramic feature was a blessing as well.   In Geneva I hauled out my SLR and put a zoom tele on it for details in the architecture... but you know what... those images were not the deal makers... just a little spice on the side of my slide show... the X100 could have hauled the mail entirely and done as good as any camera if I concentrated on the one camera and worked it fully to its limits rather than jump to the SLR.

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