Help! Olympus 38mm STUCK on adapter!

Started Mar 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
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That's great news!

I looked at your photos and I don't see anything I would consider to be a definite problem, perhaps someone else may spot something. However, your comment about force being necessary to insert the lens, even before beginning to rotate the lens is a red flag to me.

My lens fits into the adapter with no force at all, there is even a slight amount of side to side play before beginning to rotate the lens, although with rotation the lens is centered.  Your tight fit could be the result of an adapter that is too small, or possibly not perfectly round. It is also possible that the lens is a little oversize.

I remember reading somewhere, I don't remember where, that some Pen F lenses had mounts that were slightly different in size. If this is true, I imagine that both sizes were within the tolerance set by Olympus, one at the high side and one at the low side. When I received my adapter I checked that my lens fit with no problem and promptly forgot about the possible size difference.

One quick check would be to try a different adapter and see if the fit is better. This would be difficult for me as no shop within a couple of hundred miles has adapters in stock. You may have better luck.

As another possibility, if you can _accurately_ measure dimensions on your lens and adapter, at the minimum using an accurate caliper or better a micrometer, I can make the same measurements on mine to compare. If the adapter proves to be the problem, a new adapter might be the simplest solution. I believe I paid about $15 for mine.


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