If you already have the 85 1.4D would you trade 'down' for the 1.8G + cash for other lenses?

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Re: If you already have the 85 1.4D would you trade 'down' for the 1.8G + cash for other lenses?

There is so much rubbish talked about this 85 1.4 D lens in comparison to the 1.8 versions, and cheap 1.4 lenses. Having read many reviews the real difference is as follows:

1) At all relevant apertures while the 1.8 will produce blurred outlines of objects, the 1.4 will blur everything in a very small distance.

The bokeh or blurring of the 1.4 is superior. If you want the cream-machine, look no further!

2) At f1.4 the centre for portraits is perfect,  not too sharp not too blurred, just right every time, no need for processing.

I do not care for the rendering of the 1.4 wide open. It does not look "real" to me. I cannot explain it fully, but the 1.8G wide open appears to capture more detail and contrast that makes a portrait look balanced with a somewhat harder image. This is a matter of taste of course.

3) At f5.6 it is very sharp but some how always draws the eyes to the centre of the image.

I saw no real difference between the two at 5.6, except that the 1.8 was still sharper at the center.

4) The colour balance is spot on as Nikon claim.

Saw no difference on my D800.

Both are GREAT lenses. Some people own both because they render differently. I prefer the 1.8G regardless of price.


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