First trip with the Panasonic 45-150mm

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Re: First trip with the Panasonic 45-150mm

richj20 wrote:

I've had this lens for about a month, and just now had a chance to use it away from home.  I spent about 2 weeks in the Sequoia National Forest, California, up along the Kern River - North Fork. My goal with this lens was to find as many different types of scenes as possible to see how it would respond.

The lens balances very well on the Panasonic G3. The zooming action is damped nicely. The lens is a pleasure to use.

I hiked along some of the tributaries that feed into the Kern River. This one, Brush Creek, is near Johnsondale, north of Kernville, in the Sequoia National Forest.
Emerging flower pods are always beautiful.

Milkweed,  Asclepias speciosas

The popular California Poppy

Golden Poppy, Eschscholzia californica

The entire collection is Here

- Richard

Thanks a lot for posting those great images!  It gives us, up North with snow tonight, hope that SPRING, must be coming one of these months!

The second reason is that it gives a learner , like myself, a set of standards to try for.

I went HERE and thoroughly enjoyed your work in all 4 collections.

Although I enjoyed your "people" images I am especially interested in your flower images, exemplified by the two above,  as I intend to learn how to do that this spring with my GH 2.  (I use my 14-140 mm a lot, but also use the PL 45mm, the Panny 20mm and the Panny 7-14 mm when appropriate.)

I took the liberty of downloading This Shot of Asclepias speciosas and checking the EXIF more fully.  We have several Asclepias spp here in (snowy) Northern Ontario and I hope to capture some pix of some that remain on my old farm.  From the EXIF of this shot and others I see that you (often) extend the lens to 150mm shoot around f/9 at (often) 1/640 sec in centre weighted exposure mode.  I assume RAW.

This shot, like many others, illustrates your fine control of focus and DOF.   In this case you nailed the buds with the open sepals as well as the fuzzy nature of the closed buds and leaves in the mid background.

I assume that you are using the EVF to expose, compose, focus and shoot.

Do you AFS then tweak it in MF using the half press?  1 Area (one spot) focus?

There is some sort of DOF preview on my GH 2 that I have never used.  Is that a worthwhile feature to  learn?

Many thanks for posting a bit of spring.  I look forward to your advice.


PS   I can remember driving from Mojave to Bakersfield in December 2005 and coming down from the hills towards Bakersfield.  A few hours drive south of your visit last week.  Beautiful country!!

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