Praktina lenses are also compatible

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Re: Praktina lenses are also compatible

JPG wrote:

John Knuhtsen wrote:

a rather expensive adapter not seen anywhere else.

Now we are with Carl Zeiss Jena in early fifties !

I just got a Flektogon 35 F/2.8 for Praktina, and got a serious adapter problem, now solved. I will see if it makes any chance for the Sony 35 F/1.8. This Flektogon is also a macro lens ! and one of the first wide angles ever made.

Not wanting to start an arguement, I am just trying to recall my camera history.  Isn't Prakina an East German version of a Carl Zeiss 'Contaflex' and were built and sold much cheaper?  As a highschool student, I think I wanted one once because that was all I felt I could afford.  At this time in my life, I don't think I would touch one though because communist countries had quality issues.

Myself, I have a good number of Meyer-Optik lenses and I have found them well made and good performers.  Ssssh! don't tell anyone or the price will go up.  Uh-huh ... the Meyer Trioplan 100mm 2.8 has already been found .... drats   ...  Simple, and they can be found in common or garden M42 while you are at it.

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