a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: PocketWizard III work perfectly with a99 and RX1

Brian_Smith wrote:

Did Minolta/Sony EVER make a metal flash foot for their proprietary flash shoe?

No.  The design is such that it doesn't need metal.  iISO is a THREE RAIL tongue and groove design.  Been using iISO for twenty years without a single broken foot.  The center rail is a good deep stabilizer against lateral force.  The breaking point is set further on the outside of the shoe, rather than in the middle like ISO.  It's the same principle of a human having a more stable stance when feet are wide apart, rather than close together.  Ask any wrestler.

Can't say that about my Canon or Nikon ISO flashes.  Many broken feet... And I was well into my photojournalism career with Vivitar introduced the very welcome metal foot on the 283/285.  We needed it for ISO.

ISO flashes needed metal feet because they pry up from the inside channel on a flat surface.  They snap light twigs.  Hence the necessity and adoption by CaNikon and all high quality 3rd party offerings for them... all metal feet, with metal locking pins.  My decade at the newspaper never saw one broken camera shoe from them... with a dozen staff photographers, we were happy for the metal feet.

Now Sony made the worst ISO foot in history. Back to plastic, without full sleds, missing one third material to hold one of the largest flashes available onto camera.

Seemed like a great idea until you... broke your camera's expensive prism instead of a cheap plastic flash foot.

Not such a great idea after all...

Is that why Canon and Nikon users insist on them?

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