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I use a Holux M-1000C Data logger that is also Bluetooth. Rather than spend countless hours in post tagging each photo I also bought an Aokatec AK-4N II GPS module. So the two communicate with each other and every time I take a shot the GPS coordinates are embedded in the EXIF data. Worked real slick on my trips to Kenya and Tanzania.

They make various models depending on which camera, make sure you use a tether or you'll lose the module. The new AK-G looks great with the 10 pin screw lock, hmm maybe I'll get one of those too.

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ideasman69 wrote:

hey guys,

im going on a holiday in a few weeks and was hoping to have all my photos geotagged. i have a nikon d90 and decided that the stock gps addon was too pricey so i'm looking into grabbing a gps logger.

i thought that this was the way to go as it wasnt locked to a particular camera and should perform better as ill leave it running all day.

having done a bit of research, im still struggling to find a recommended product.

my "wants" include:
- fast gps aquisition
- accurate logging
- battery to last a full day
- small as possible

i have no idea about chipsets. it seems that sirf iii (?) chips are recommended but they appear to be quite old.

any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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