a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: PocketWizard III work perfectly with a99 and RX1

Brian_Smith wrote:

Because...IT DOES WORK!

Brian, you're skipping around the question.

How will your Pocket Wizard provide the smart connections necessary for HSS/TTL wireless?

Your a99 has those features completely immobilized with a dumb radio slave solution.  What is the advantage here beyond not needing an adapter for a dumb connection?  Yet those who want smart connection need adapters, when we didn't before.

The ability to use any old dumb slave for an antiquated native mount is no great technological triumph, when compared to losing numerous smart native slaves and flash from 3rd party support for the 25 year Minolta STANDARD.

Answer honestly Brian.

Would you rather smart HSS/TTL radio wireless connections be native mount, or with adapters?

Would you rather 3rd party flash/slave manufacturers get a return on their R&D support for iISO, or forget about Sony altogether?

Notice the Nissin Di866 available for Sony iISO, as well their other past products, along with Sigma, Metz, Sunpak, Yongnuo, Pixel King, Phottix, and many others.

But the newest heat resistant Nissin MG8000 Extreme only for Canon/Nikon.  But of course you can use it for Sony, native MIS, without HSS or TTL.

Please advise me on the SMART radio slave to purchase for Sony right now.  I sold my Pixel Kings just before the a99 appeared.  I wanted to try the Phottix Odin.  Then a99 appeared with new shoe.  So if I purchase Phottix Odin now, I'm forced to purchase an outdated product, guaranteed to lose value faster than ever.  Yet there is no native solution to provide the desired compatibility.  Nothing on the rumor mill for native MIS support either.

The amount of foresight Sony put into the MIS shoe is readily seen in the spit glued adapter placed onto a standard F20AM, yet called the F20M, which sits higher, doesn't fold into body, doesn't even need the rubber fob on front any longer because it doesn't rest on a prism hump.  It's a hack job, perfectly in line with the ill conceived new shoe.

Aside from allowing you to use a dumb radio slave (not Sony), and vintage flashes from competitor brands (not Sony), how does the MIS advance photography better than an updated iISO would have?

They certainly aren't taking advantage of the MIS with the XLR adapter, since it requires a clunky bracket and cable for a99... and it doesn't even fit the VG Cams well because of a required aluminum adapter needed in addition to the MIS.  Check out Camera Diner review of XLR, and how ridiculous it is to mount onto the VG cameras.

Brian, your Pocket Wizard has a more secure connection to the a99 than your adapted a58 does.  Your $150 Pocket Wizard has a more robust foot, with full sleds, than the $600 F60M does.

Brian, I'm happy for you, being able to use single connection slave on your a99.  I'm glad it works for you to the degree you need it to.  I wish you well with that, and your photography.

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