Aperature or Lightroom?

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Re: Patience, Grasshopper.

...  but the Lightroom database system of filing images scares me off. Perhaps necessary, so that original files go untouched and sequential edited files can be accessed.

I don't want that. I want a hierarchical file structure that I design. And then I'll use PhotoMechanic to upload images from my SD card, and do quick renaming, tagging, keywording and other Metadata tricks in bulk. That just appeals to me.

Forgive me for being a bit pedantic, but you do realize that with non-destructive systems like Lightroom and Aperture, you no longer have a one-image-to-one-file relationship. Every image requires at least two files - the master and the edits (even if the latter file is empty) and that does not count thumbnails and previews. This is not a problem, in fact, it  is a tremendous step forward because you never have to worry about this stuff, no say nothing of the risk of locking in a mistake as you can with a destructive editor like Photoshop.

If you REALLY want to so what you say, then you would be better off with a traditional photo browser like PhotoMechanic and a destructive editor like Photoshop. But then you condemn yourself to hours of sorting through different versions and formats and all the other work that made so many of up move to Aperture (in my case) or Lightroom. And you haven't lived until you can access your whole library by date, keyword, face, place, etc. and you are not limited to an arbitrary hierarchical file structure.

Give one of them a try; I suspect that you will soon realize that you don't need tools like PhotoMechanic and you don't have to spend time renaming files and you find less and less use for Photoshop.
But, YMMV.

Best wishes.

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