Hand-holding the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75-300mm F4.8-6.7 II near 300mm

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Re: Hand-holding the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75-300mm F4.8-6.7 II near 300mm

FrankParis wrote:

OniMirage wrote:

It causes the IS system to be enabled while composing. As a result any shift, shake or rotation will be corrected in the live view as if your using a steady cam.

Okay, I tried it. It is amazing! It helps to compose, but of course not to hold the camera steady. So one of my problems is solved. In the 6 images below, the first five were shot at ISO1000 under fairly bright but overcast skies. I was getting such high shutter speeds that I tried lowering the ISO to 200 and fired off several shots and all but one had camera shake blur and that one picked the wrong plane of focus for he subject, but I included it anyhow.

The only other thing I could suggest is turning off the IS and find out where at 300mm you are starting to falter on your own by taking shots at progressively shorter shutter speeds starting at 1/4000. This should give you a mental note as to where your limit is then setting it to half that speed and turn IS back on.

In these images, I tried to center the camillia I was interested in, and was fairly successful at that, although one or two are not precisely centered. If I were trying to make show-off images, I would have cropped, but that would have defeated my purpose in making this post.

IS at half press is an incredibly useful option it should serve you well especially for flowers.

It's an option in the menu that is turned on by the user because it uses additional battery power but the benefit is huge.

I seldom take more than 200 shots in an outing and I always take a spare battery, so hopefully it won't drain so much that this won't be adequate.

Just having IS 1 turned on will not enable this behavior as it will only stabilize at the time of shot.

I wonder why I never heard of this function before? Maybe posts I've read talked about it but sometimes if the text doesn't make sense to me (because of a new concept maybe) my impatience doesn't allow me to explore further and I go on to something else.

It's seldom talked about because it's one of those set it and forget it options. The super control panel can turn IS on or off so going back to the option is something most don't ever consider.

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