Do you convert NEF to DNG?

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Re: Do you convert NEF to DNG?

You write, "I prefer sidecar XMP files and it makes backing up my edits that much easier. I only have to move tiny XMP files to my backup media rather than HUGE DNG or NEF files."

Sorry I don't understand what you are saying here. Why would you only move xmp files? I mean what good are they on their own. They can't be used alone in any way. They can't be opened except with a text editor and their is no reason to this either so I don't get it. So how is this "backing up your edits"? To work on an image you need the image. The reason for backing up is to have a copy of an original in case you lose or somehow destroy that original. If you were to lose your original, your backed up xmp file on its own would serve no purpose hence me not understanding what you wrote and asking my question. Thanks

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