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Tareq Abdulla wrote:

If we go back to your original question. You said you had a hybryd drive, just keep it, for most people it will work great. If you have to get an SSD, get a bigger one 240-256 (they are faster) and look for the IOP ratings but I don't think any SSD is going to get you to a 6sec boot time. For all the garbage I have loaded onto my laptop I am ok with it booting a few seconds slower. I have been looking at windows 8 boot times and they seem to be faster but again, I like my system useful with everything enabled and I don't like the win8 metro that much. Good luck to you selecting a new SSD. The Samsung looks like a fast unit.

I have Samsung 840 Pro SSD already on my laptop, but never as fast as that video.

Can you post your laptop boot time video? I would like to see how fast is yours comparing to mine, I have a feeling that my laptop is an old model and i need a new latest generation to accomplish a better performance of everything including the SSD.

I will keep that Hybrid drive for sure, but i will never go back to Hybrid as long i have SSD.

Sorry guy, I have spent much free time today to testing this. Since I was 3 seconds off, I did not make a video because I was unable to show off the superior speed of my laptop or my superior skills of speeding up the boot through tuning things off. Then I usually restore from by other boot but it would not allow me and said my disk was in use, so instead of troubleshooting I created a linux boot disk and did my restore so my system is back to where it was. I don't have the time or energy to reinstall Win7 again and try then disabling everything. Sorry.

It was a fail but for me no problem, my system boots faster than most peoples and fast enough for me even with all the software I have on it. At some point you have to be satisfied. And I am I spent under 900 dollars for the laptop with a hybrid drive and it plays all the first person shooters I play with no issues and processes my photos and raw images/video with lightning speed (well the video of course is a little slower). So I suggest you be happy with what you have. You have the best ssd, and we are not even sure if you bought the same laptop in the vid that you would be able to get it to boot as fast. After installing any programs for sure it would no longer boot that fast anyway. Good luck to you.

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