D800 Firmware Update Focus Improvement!

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Re: D800 Firmware Update Focus Improvement!

And just a friendly point of logic here: If the AF system was "way enough for you" how would you perceive any improvement?

I have a tool such as LensAlign. It is extremely accurate to measure the optimal AF Fine Tune for the different AF sensors and the different lights. The results are posted just above. The optimal AF Fine Tune is the value that will place the target in the middle of the depth of field and only a slanted ruler can do that precisely (checking the sharpness of the target is not enough). As you can see, the optimal results depend upon the color of light and the AF sensor. The numbers might look impressive, but the truth is that if you choose an intermediate value, everything will look fine.

I have checked and all these values haven't moved at all.

As far as AF-C focus is concern, I have no problem understanding that Nikon can improve its algorithms in a new firmware. Less hunting is therefore something one should expect as Nikon claims they improved it.

I don't have your camera and your lenses and I can't tell for sure. But my guess is that the placebo effect is really high for those finding differences in autofocus precision for *static* subjects.

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