7D - Grain and Noise - What are the primary factors?

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Re: Here is an example at ISO 640

tvstaff wrote:

ISO 640 expected less noise.  What am I doing wrong????

tvstaff wrote:

At times I'll take a shot at 1600 ISO and the picture is flawless for a 5X7 or 8X10 print.

However, at times I'll shoot at 80 or 100 ISO and there is grain, noise.

Is there a SET rule for f-stop, ISO, Shutter speed and such that applies to "Noise"?

It seems pretty hit or miss for me at this point to emulate this issue.   These issues seem to apply more with on camera flash and the 580EX II but also outdoors.  This is why I feel I'm pushing the camera too far or not respecting the limits "I should be following".   Just to be clear, I feel it's MY fault, user error not the 7D.

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Here is an example at ISO 640. Where I expected less noise.

A couple of questions... is this a crop or full image?  Secondly, did you pull the exposure up in post?  If it's a crop, any noise you have will be enlarged and hence more visible.  The tighter the crop, the worse it gets.  If you pulled up the exposure, implying that it was somewhat underexposed to begin with, you'll end up with additional noise (the more underexposed the image, the worse the noise).  The 7D is quite sensitive to underexposure, hence the excellent recommendations you're getting on using ETTR to minimize noise.

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