The M43/MFT Shaft !

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Re: The M43/MFT Shaft !

grampaeddy wrote:

YOUR NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS! -- Jump back in time to film days, small pocket Olympus XA in hand, take the shot. Wow full frame negative from a small camera/lens, light weight, pocketable, low cost to use etc. and again "FULL FRAME" in a small unit. Back to reality (today), lets see 4/3, m43, aps-c, 1/1.7 etc. etc. ratios and oh yeah full frame Leicas at half the cost of a car. If the tiny optics in these old pocket film cameras could fill a 35mm frame, why no "FULL FRAME" pocket cameras for the masses ? My GX1, G3, G12, and G15 all work great. But I can scan an old neg from old tech that excels all my new gear. The film drives, auto focus, film take-up spool all took up space in the old pocket cameras. So, with new smaller tech there should be plenty of room for a full frame sensor, battery, mem card, etc. without breaking the bank. Silicon is dirt cheap, sensors are mass produced, and a skilled assembler can be Chineese (I don't care what the Germans at Leica say, I'm half German). With all this and labor costs about as low as it gets off shore, Where is the "FULL FRAME" under $1000 pocket camera ?     Today's Quote "STIR THE POT".

It does not matter. If any manufacture realized the full potential of a camera combined with a low price point they would have no place to go.

Film based cameras were very simple speaking about just the film part.  You have a few different ASA or ISO whatever.. You have black & white film and positive/slide film. You have 35 mm and the larger negative formats.

Camera bodies did not change as often as they do now. Lenses pretty much stayed the same until autofocus ability began then came all the TTL stuff so improvement to body, lens and flash were next.

All of a sudden the powers that be decide thats it for film lets start the digital stuff.  It was a HUGE deal to have a 2 MP camera, a HUGE deal to have a 1 GB memory card.  You used to have a dilemma do you buy a film or digital camera and at the time film blew digital out of the water.  Digital SUCKED big time during the late 1990's.

Looked at what video camera's were doing. HI-8 and the start of Mini-DV tape. Mini-DV cameras cost at least $1,500 for a consumer camera so 90% of everything was 8 mm and Hi-8 oh and maybe some VHS-C their compact tapes.  I think panasonic was VHC-C and Sony was Hi-8.

The cost of the cameras do not really change.  For $1,000 today you get the Panasonic GH-3, the OMD and it cost the same $1,000 for a high end 5 MP Nikon p&s camera like the CP 5400.

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