D800 Firmware Update Focus Improvement!

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Re: D800 Firmware Update Focus Improvement!

Fayard wrote:

You guys should stop smoking. I think I have one of the best database for AF Fine Tune for my lenses and my D800. I have measured the optimal fine tune back and forth for different kind of lights and the different AF sensors. I have upgraded the firmware tonight and checked again the optimal AF Fine Tune I've measured before. *This new firmware does not change anything* as far as the precision of the AF on static subject is concerned. Anyway, the precision is way enough for me.

There is no way any firmware update is going to automatically measure the position of your secondary mirror, and the alignment of the AF module.

For autofocus tracking, I trust Nikon. But if your D800 AF precision on static subject improved overnight, I really think it is a placebo effect.

Under AF-C when ON A TRIPOD the AF-C light would do a dance on many types of subjects in less than ideal light.

After the update, the flickering dance is over. The camera locks and the light is fairly steady, ALWAYS. Clearly something has changed.

Under AF-S handheld my D800 was quite unpredictable using the 50mm and 85mm primes. Even simple shots with a clear focus point would result in mis-focus quite often.

After the update the camera is now behaving like my D700, even locking on low-contrast subjects such as a child's cheek.

I observed this PRIOR to hearing about any improvement in the AF, so it's a little late to think it was a placebo effect. I had NO expectation for an AF improvement.

This morning my buddy shot at our dock with his D800 and 35mm 1.4, a combo that was giving him fits. He had a nearly perfect focus result over hundreds of shots; something the D800 was never capable of before.

I don't know what to tell you. All of my lenses AF tune settings are the same. But the back/front focusing has stopped.



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