a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: PocketWizard III work perfectly with a99 and RX1

Clyde Thomas wrote:

Brian_Smith wrote:

Actually, it's not only possible, it works great!

PocketWizard III triggers work great in the Multi-Interface Shoe with a99 and RX (and with NEX-6). No problems at all.

How's the a99 HSS and TTL features working out for you with the Pocket Wizard III on Sony MIS? I've had that one trick pony with Quantum 4i's adapted to iISO since 1987.  A $20 chinese radio slave can do it too... native for either shoe.

I'm really baffled why so many are so pleased that Sony has taken our flash system back to the technology of 1985, before HSS or wireless.  iISO had all the dumb triggers you want for $25, native iISO.  And I too often use my Quantum 4i or PWPlusII for studio at lower sync... with an adapter for iISO... no problemo.

Not a step back at all. Same technology as before - just makes the existing technology compatible with the industry standard shoe it's compatible with industry standard flashes and triggers + adds new connections for additional Sony inputs...as you say, no problemo...

Now we need adapters for the smart functions that we pay for in the camera.  Why does a99 have the smart HSS/TTL and ratio features if they don't work properly, without delay, or with any native mounting solution?

Because...IT DOES WORK!
Here's the HVL-F58M flash on a99 using the multi-interface shoe adapter ADP-MAA at 1/8000th.

How MUCH faster do you want HSS SYNC than 1/8000th of a second????

Sony a99 HSS at 1/8000th of a second using HVL-F58M flash with Multi-Interface Shoe Adapter ADP-MAA

Even worse... on a plastic foot that doesn't even have full sleds, or locking pin for iISO to MIS adapter?  This new shoe is absolutely ridiculous.  A fine port for video accessories.  But the flash has been flushed.

The HVL-F58M flash using the multi-interface shoe adapter included with the a99 works fine for me.

Did Minolta/Sony EVER make a metal flash foot for their proprietary flash shoe?

If so, I bet it was discontinued really fast.

Years ago, someone came out with a 3rd party all-metal replacement flash foot for Vivitar 283 and 285 flashes. Seemed like a great idea until you realized that when push came to shove you broke your camera's expensive prism instead of a cheap plastic flash foot.

Not such a great idea after all...

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