Birding after 2 weeks (HS50)

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Re: Birding after 2 weeks (HS50)

alexisgreat wrote:

Joms these are wonderful! Would you say you got a lot more feather detail than you would have gotten with your HS30?

Yes for distant small birds around 10+ meters away. The added reach will definitely resolve more detail.

Also, wanted to ask you a question about macro.  Do you need to select the flower (macro) setting? Because I have been doing macro without selecting that and I am still able to focus at 3 inches at 150mm, the sweet spot for previous HS cameras.

Yes enable macro mode if the subject is close.

(I set metering to spot and am now always using shutter priority, since that gives me more control over the ISO the camera picks and I have fairly steady hands so I dont need the faster shutter speeds the camera selects in aperture priority.)

Yes for macro shutter priority is best especially if you will use flash.

I use the same shutter priority / spot metering combo with TC attachments because it helps with the shallower DOF and also keeps the ISO lower.

Yep TC definitely keep that aperture wide open while doubling the reach.

I think I will keep the HS20 around as a backup to the HS50- it uses AA batteries, has that macro sweet spot and is a bit wider, and can go ultrawide with my wide angle converter.

HS30 has higher shots/charge than HS50 and even HS10/20

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