Adobe improved EXR handling of L size RAW files

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Timur Born
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Adobe improved EXR handling of L size RAW files

Albeit it is nowhere mentioned on the download page or in the readme file the press release published on DPR states that Adobe improved the demosaicing of L size EXR files for a number of cameras.

"Lightroom 4.4 and Camera Raw 7.4 include a correction to the demosaic algorithms for Fujifilm cameras with the EXR sensor. This correction applies only to raw images captured using the "EXR HR" mode with the following cameras:

  • Fujifilm X10
  • Fujifilm XF1
  • Fujifilm X-S1
  • Fujifilm S200EXR
  • Fujifilm HS20EXR
  • Fujifilm HS30EXR
  • Fujifilm F550EXR
  • Fujifilm F600EXR
  • Fujifilm F770EXR
  • Fujifilm F800EXR"

I just took a look at X10 files and indeed the RAW files now can better match ooc JPGs and can be made to show slightly more fine resolution detail in some areas. Additionally there are less sharpening halos compared to earlier versions and the sharpening results about match those of the X20.

The whole sharpening radius behavior has been changed for the X10 compared to previous versions of LR. Radii smaller than 1.0 are not mandatory anymore and even lead to drawbacks in the form of double line artifacts, again very much as with X20 files. Radii bigger than 1.0 (towards 1.5 - 2.0) might be necessary to get rid of these artifacts in all areas (like X20), but at the cost of finest detail (like X20). Trying to match ooc JPGs is no problem, though, and any kind of sharpening artifacts only happen when one tries to pull out even more detail.

Overall these are good improvements, but unfortunately they come with a drawback. There are demosaicing artifacts happening at 90 degree edges/lines that meet like this: ⅂

It looks as if diagonal pixels have been swapped. This can become quiet visible/exaggerated when stronger sharpening is applied, especially with small radius.

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