Market Prices Over Time ?

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Re: Market Prices Over Time ?

kinal493 wrote:

I appreciate the feedback 

I'ts just a simple point-and-shoot so I don't think I will be spending the next 5 months mastering it's intricacies ! Although I know even with a simple point-and-shoot I can learn a few things to improve the quality of my shots.

The camera is a Canon Powershot S100. It retails at about $500(NZ) but I can grab it now for $300. It's not so much this specific model that I am after, simply that this model is available at a good price and it seems to be a decent camera within this price range. Hence the reason I asked about the the market in general.

It seems like a great deal but I only just started looked in to buying a camera yesterday and I have a whole 5 months to find the best camera under $400.

I think deep down I would love to pick up a bargain Sony RX100, but that may not happen over the next 5 months. Looks like an awesome point-and-shoot !

The S100 is a good camera - not the latest, but good nonetheless. Getting the best out of it will take some practice, but you'll soon get the hang of it. Shoot it in auto for a while, concentrating on pleasing composition/framing, and when you start to feel comfortable with that, progress onto program mode. In program, the camera still does most of the work for you, but you can experiment with more 'artistic' possibilities, and get some creative satisfaction from your photography.

Whichever camera you go for I wish you endless enjoyment with it.

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