Rules/Tips/Tricks for Ultrawide Photography?

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Re: Here are 10 tips...

Putious wrote:

Question:  For wide angle shots taken with something in the forground and lots of background, what apature is generally used for evertyhing to be in focus?

Hard to say as it varies with each lens. I would say anything over f8 would be good. Stopping all the way down, f22 etc, is not always best. Lenses have sweet spots where they perform best.

As we no longer use film and pixels are free, you should go outside, find a nice fence or something fading off into the distance and start taking test shots. Only way to learn and get comfortable with your gear. Set the camera to AV and go thru the range of apertures.

I would have the camera on a tripod and use manual focus, picking a point and using the same focus for all the shots. You want to take all the variables out of this exercise.

There is also a rule of thumb that the depth of focus is 1/3rd in front of your focus point and 2/3rds behind. Others can explain this better than I.


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