Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Bought a MeiKe RX100

Following your lead, I ordered the MeiKe housing from Divervision late on March 27, receiving it March 30. It is actually a Meikon housing, as printed on the retail box, manual, and neck strap. I have an A900 screen protector on my RX100, so I had to remove a small part of two rubber standoffs in the housing to make the camera fit properly; also, I had to shorten my gaffer-tape grip on the front of the camera to prevent interference with the front standoffs. That done, the camera fits properly, and all of the controls work without problem.

I had a little problem closing and latching the housing until I realized I had to start with the latch nearly in a closed position, not wide open.

The housing has nice ribbed finger and thumb grips that work nicely under water, but are a little slippery when dry, so I covered them with more gaffer tape. I'm not sure how much the gaffer tape improves the grip in this instance, and I might remove it in the future.

As you noted, the RX100 screen is quite visible through the polycarbonate back. However, I am concerned that abrasion from rubbing against my PFD might dull the transparency of the housing without additional protection, so I placed a Fellowes WriteRight screen protector for my old Palm IIIxe over the viewing area. Though the surface of the screen protector has a slight orange peel texture, I was pleasantly surprised at how little it degraded the viewing image; nonetheless, I have ordered some Tech Armor HD screen protectors that I hope will work even better. Note that I plan to use the housing only when sea kayaking; I doubt that scratches would be visible underwater.

Another thing that could be improved is the drying time for the neck strap. My old Nikonos V camera has a solid strap that does not absorb water. The Meikon strap is nylon fabric, which holds enough water to require overnight drying. Unfortunately, the Nikonos strap is too thick to fit through the Meikon lugs, but I am thinking of experimenting with a new, narrower nylon strap made from a cat lead.

As noted, the housing with camera inside has positive buoyancy, floating diffuser end up. This is good for us kayakers, but divers will probably want to add a weight. Amazon has a screw-in weight designed for a Canon housing that might do the trick.

These minor cavils aside, I am pleased with the manufacturing, design, and handling of the Meikon housing, and am looking forward to using it this summer. Given all its features, it is a bargain.

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