Market Prices Over Time ?

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Re: Market Prices Over Time ?

I appreciate the feedback 

I'ts just a simple point-and-shoot so I don't think I will be spending the next 5 months mastering it's intricacies ! Although I know even with a simple point-and-shoot I can learn a few things to improve the quality of my shots.

The camera is a Canon Powershot S100. It retails at about $500(NZ) but I can grab it now for $300. It's not so much this specific model that I am after, simply that this model is available at a good price and it seems to be a decent camera within this price range. Hence the reason I asked about the the market in general.

It seems like a great deal but I only just started looked in to buying a camera yesterday and I have a whole 5 months to find the best camera under $400.

I think deep down I would love to pick up a bargain Sony RX100, but that may not happen over the next 5 months. Looks like an awesome point-and-shoot !

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