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imagethemomentstudios wrote:


the elinchrome lights dlite series are supposed to be chinese lights anyway so i am thinking why spend more on these if the ones i am looking at do the same thing??

Reason: Major manufacturers add significant quality control and sometimes additional refinements on parts and assembly to their Chinese-sourced strobes.  Support levels are much higher.

We saw similar things when Chinese knockoffs of Neumann microphones began to make their first appearance a dozen years ago.  The units sourced directly from China were undependable, with no two alike in some cases.  Major manufacturers established new lines of microphones sourced from China with significant enhancements in terms of quality control, consistency, reliability, and sometimes parts refinements.  Those additional measures were well worth the money.

Sailor Blue's suggestions are on the money.  The Adorama Flashpoints, if available to you there, are robust and dependable units at a good price.  The Einsteins are well engineered designs.

Beware of cheap softboxes (e.g., from China).  The diffusion fabric can have a nasty color cast that will not come out easily.

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