Am I asking too much?

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Re: Am I asking too much?

rondeann wrote:

Are you suggesting that if I have a lens that requires lets say a +4 AF fine adjustment to produce a good focus range, that lens is defective and should be returned to the manufacturer until it requires no (zero) AF fine adjustment what so ever.

I have to say that for my purposes if I have the choice of making a +4 AF adjustment to get a good focus range or sending that lens back to the manufacturer until it requires zero AF fine adjustment (and the same focus range as the +4 AF adjustment I could have made myself), I will make the adjustment myself.  If nothing else it saves the postage and acheves the same result.

My problem occures with a zoom lens when it requires a different AF fine adjustment at the two extreme focus lengths or, for that matter if it requires a different AF fine adjustment for any two focual lengths.

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75% of my lenses need correction, personally, I'm more than bored with returning lenses, three of my zooms returned (Sigma Tamron they're all waiting for parts,phone calls etc) and still all need correction, the DA 21 was messed up by Pentax,I returned it and they sent me another it was great other than it needs -10 on the K5 so I dial in -10 and it's fine, I'm happy. Some are + some -.

It makes me suffer less with " the early greying and hair-loss syndrome"  For a full head of hair use AF adjust!

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