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Re: XZ-10 ISO samples

jim4850 wrote:

I note a bit of talk about performance without the AF lamp, so I switched it off and find focus may even be quicker than with it on until it's way too dark to bother with a flashless shot. I'm going to leave the lamp off now and reserve it for night time visits to cemeteries.

This is very good to hear since I strongly dislike AF Assist lamps. I've found that AF assist lights on the cameras I have owned in general only help when light gets really low... as in trying to use the flash in the dark. This was the case even on the last compact I owned (Panasonic LX2). Your mileage may vary depending on the contrast of the AF target. The window and lettering of the phone booth provide nice AF targets.

While I'm posting here's a crop of one of the non-AF lamp test shots, ISO 3200 and 1/30th shutter, hand held while mucking around.

Even is this non light I keep getting usable shots consistently, maybe not large sensor low noise but still usable and fits easily in a pocket.

Looks under-exposed, but being all shadows you can certainly see the pattern of the noise more than if you had chosen a brighter exposure. There is enough detail in this shot, without so much objectionable noise, that I'd say I'm impressed given the size of the sensor. Properly exposed, and perhaps converted to black & white, this would be perfectly acceptable for sharing snapshots on Facebook or printing 4x6/5x7... maybe even 8x10.

Thank you for posting this!


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