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It's a 512GB Samsung 840 Pro

Richard wrote:

If we go back to your original question. You said you had a hybryd drive, just keep it, for most people it will work great. If you have to get an SSD, get a bigger one 240-256 (they are faster) and look for the IOP ratings but I don't think any SSD is going to get you to a 6sec boot time. For all the garbage I have loaded onto my laptop I am ok with it booting a few seconds slower. I have been looking at windows 8 boot times and they seem to be faster but again, I like my system useful with everything enabled and I don't like the win8 metro that much. Good luck to you selecting a new SSD. The Samsung looks like a fast unit.

The OP has a 512GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD installed now. See this post where he gave more detail on what he's using:

IMO, that's the *very best* SSD (consumer level anyway) you're going to find at a reasonable price (and it's more expensive than most consumer models), since their older Samsung 830 series drives have amazing reliability compared to virtually any other SSD model based on endurance testing I've looked at, and the newer 840 Pro is using the same flash memory type (only the newer model is much faster now)

That's why it's either at the top of most SSD benchmarks for performance (or very close to the top) in the review of the standard 840 (versus 840 Pro) model you linked to in your post.  Note where a Samsung 840 Pro was already much faster than the standard 840 in the review you linked to.

Here's their review of a 256GB 840 Pro (versus the standard 840), and the 512GB model is probably faster, as you tend to get better performance with most brands as you move to the larger models):

Light Workload Tests:

Heavy Workload Tests:

You'll see more benchmarks in the other 840 Pro review pages at Anandtech.  You'll see the same type of findings on other review sites.  It's a *very* nice drive.

The standard (versus Pro) Samsung 840 (as in the review you linked to) is using cheaper TLC memory, where it has a lower expected number of P/E (Program/Erase cycles), and slower performance (especially on the write side), compared to the much better Samsung 840 Pro (like the OP already has installed now, which uses MLC memory instead).

Of course, you can find SLC based SSDs that are even faster (but, they're cost prohibitive for consumer use in sizes that large)

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