Hand-holding the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75-300mm F4.8-6.7 II near 300mm

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Guy Parsons
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What to expect with 300mm.

The old rule about shutter speeds and hand-holding would have this effect....

"Normal" person, no stabilisation, a 300mm lens on M4/3 would need 1/600 sec minimum shutter speed. That's hand-held, standing, no wind buffeting.

The lesser Pen IBIS or Panasonic OIS on Pen E-PL5 (for me, extrapolated from my use of 150mm) reliably moves that to 10 times slower at 1/60 second. That's about 3 stops.

If the E-M5 IBIS manages 4 stops then that could be 1/30 second for 300mm.

If the E-M5 IBIS manages to get to the "claimed" possible 5 stops then that's 1/15 second at 300mm.

Some people can do better, some do worse, but this little 71 yr old Guy manages to reliably fit the normal pattern. Lean against a wall or tree and usually gain 2 or 3 stops without stabilisation, that's what I did in film days.

But if you have the shakes from too many cigarettes and too much coffee, then the old rule goes out the window. In fact, everyone needs to take bunches of shots at all speeds and a selection of focal lengths without stabilisation to see what their personal limits are. My recommendation is to take 10 shots at each speed when testing, no burst, just 10 single shots and pixel peep later to check the amount of blur.

In doing that test for myself on my earlier E-PL1 I found that the IBIS was adding a tiny bit of blur to shots at safe speeds, it works better to leave Pen IBIS off as much as possible. The E-M5 IBIS is evidently better and does not seem to interfere at safe shutter speeds but I've never had a chance to test one of them.

Regards...... Guy

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