Just how crappy is the 16-50 kit lens? Test vs 17mm prime & 11-16 Tokina

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Re: You might be asking the wrong question

GaryW wrote:

captura wrote:

Gary, let's say someone is considering a fantastic camera; the NEX-6. Then with due dilligence they research the standard bundled lens, and t's the 16-50. The reports on that are very mixed. Well an average buyer may not bother doing the online mix-and match thing. They are more likely just get the E-PL5 or whatever else was on the store shelf, because the kit lens has more favorable reviews than the 1650.

Well, the 16-50 is the new kit lens.  What would you have Sony do, go back to the 18-55?

I bought a 5R and the standard kit lens is the 18-55. Same thing with the NEx-7. By all accounts the 18-55 is equal to if not better the 16-50. Although you have chosen for your own reasons to get the 1650, some buyers will avoid the NEX-6 and NEX-3N models because of the kit lens. In the early days of NEX a lot of sales were lost because there were not enough lenses, and one was particularly deficient in quality, the 16SEL2.8. Now Sony is repeating some of it's history.

I've also lived with the 18-55 and now I saw it transformed into a good lens just by moving it to one of the new cameras. But you can't do that with the 1650...it is deficient at the wide end no matter what you do.

I think the average user says, "Oh, I've known Canon for years.  I'm getting that one!"  

Seriously, though, I'm more interested in what the 16-50 is or isn't more than whether "reports" are "mixed" and how that may affect sales.

In the early days of the Nex, there were a number of complaints about the lens being too large.  I've lived with the 18-55, but I also see the appeal in a smaller lens, so if we can get a smaller lens with seemingly little penalty (and perhaps improvement!), then I think that's pretty exciting.

I wouldn't mind a 1650 myself for it's convenience, but I have other lenses if I want to shoot wide or shoot quality. The average mall shopper will buy a NEX plus crappy lens like the 1650 and regret it later, or may buy another brand altogether...that is my point.


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