No global warming - climate scientists puzzled.

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Re: You are entirely missing the point...

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No one is denying that there is a natural cycle in play here. The more important question is whether or not this natural cycle will be fatal.

Do you believe we will all die from this natural cycle, or do you simply think it is a phase where the Earth will warm up but we will survive and eventually it will cool down again?

If you believe we will all die from this natural cycle, then fine, there is no point in doing anything.

If you believe this is a phase and we will survive, then it is very important for us to minimize any impact on the Earth's temperature because even the slightest of impacts caused by humans could render a viable phase into a deadly one.


So is this the new ACC propaganda?

It's not man-made, but we need to minimise whatever affect we might be having on it?

Dear gods, ACC changes its story more time than a hooker changes her panties!!
I can just see it:

"Oh look, we've been caught out again!"
"Never mind, just change our 'party line' to fit"
"Will people still believe us?"
"Of course - just shout long and loud and they'll follow. Keep those carbon schemes running!"

No, I'm just using common sense here. You should try it once in a while.

Not if yours is an example of it..

I'd have to fry my brain of vodka and mull with a cocaine chaser before the lobotomy needed to believe in the ACC fairy-tales.

I prefer to keep thinking laterally and critically, thank you..

Fairy-tales? LOL You are so delusional. Burning fossil fuels is BAD. Everyone with at least one brain cell knows that.

There's no denying that what we are doing to this planet isn't good for it. If you think burning fuel 24/7 is healthy, go park your car in your garage, turn it on, and breathe in the fumes for several hours and let me know how that goes.

So if what we're doing isn't good, then we are causing a negative impact. To you, that impact might be marginal at best, and you may be right; but is that a risk you are willing to take?

So, essentially, your view is that we should follow the ACC myth becasue "what if it IS right"??

There is no myth. There are 2 facts at play: That Earth goes through natural cycles, and that what we are doing to the Earth is bad for it. So if the natural cycle doesn't kill us, our actions ON TOP of that natural cycle might.

That's such a leap of false logic, it's amazing.. By that logic, any moronic idea or theory should be followed in case it might be right..

You mean like religion? Yeah, that's a "leap of faith" alright. This one isn't. Burning fossil fuels is bad. Only a f*cking retard would claim it is good and natural.

Why don't you use the same leap of logic for the other conclusions put forwards - one of them being that we are heading for an ice age.

Who cares about an ice age. Heat is worse than cold. There are many ways to keep warm,  but very few to keep cool if the power goes out and you're already naked.

That would be just as bad as a heat age - so why not believe that, just in case it might be right?

Nope, heat is worse.

But NO.. you won't - ACC is THE word, the ONLY word.. it's gone past being a theory or a myth.. it's becoming a religion - people believe it on faith alone.. oh.. and fear that it "might be true".

Says the religious zealot. How ironic! LOL

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