Praktina lenses are also compatible

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Re: Praktina lenses are also compatible

verybiglebowski wrote:

John Knuhtsen wrote:

The 35 F/2.4 was made by Cosina (known for Voigtländer, not a bad reputation), where the F/2.8 is a real Jena.

As far as I know and my f2.4 clearly state on the barrel - it is made in D.D.R - former Eastern Germany. I would be honestly surprise if they had anything to do with Cosina that time. It's a typical Carl Zeiss Jena DDR lens.

I would be very surprised too if this lens was imported from Japan, since in those days of the Soviet era, D.D.R. was constantly suffering from currency limitations and all imports were etremely restricted.

To the contrary, Zeiss Jena lenses at the time were some of D.D.R.s most important export goods, exported (under slightly different brands) to a large number of countries globally.

Please also note that back then, Cosina was a manufacturer of budget SLR-lenses of rather mediocre or even poor quality. Later, the Cosina company took a strategic turn, focusing on high end Voigtländer and Zeiss lenses. That was some time after the demise of the Berlin wall (and D.D.R.), though.

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