Fujifilm better than sony?

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Re: Fujifilm better than sony?

thenewcameraguy wrote:

So I went to a different store today that had both cameras and my wife said she likes the Nex 6 better and Fuji doesn't have as good of a grip. So I will be buying nex 6 since my wife has the 5r. Thanks everyone for help.

I remember we already had a "conversation" about your purchase dilemma... I read between the lines that you'd prefer to own a Fuji: than, just get a Fuji. You'll truly enjoy it, as well as you would enjoy the Sony.

The 2 companies have a different story and use different marketing strategies. Sony has a line-up that goes from the point-and-shoot upgrader to the advanced amateur. Fuji addresses mostly the second category only. Sony, directly or from 3rd parties, has a wide range of lenses, including cheap but good ones (with $600, you get 3 new primes from Sigma), while Fuji has few, very good, expensive lenses.

Theoretically, for a beginner it would be better to invest on Sony: more products with affordable ones, and a good margin of improvement.

For the expert photographer, the Fuji would offer better lenses (at least, according to what you can read online) and a better control-dial location for manual use.

But there's that psychological game that Fuji really won. They created a masterpiece of style that attracts every user. I'm wondering whether Fuji fans would speak of "new Leica" or "affordable Leica" if it were Sony looking like a rangefinder... This is not going to affect the quality of your pictures (and there's beautiful samples from users of both Fuji or Sony), but maybe it might fulfill your desire of ownership.

So, if you desire a Fuji, get a Fuji. In any case, if you're a beginner try to invest some time "studying" how to become a better photographer. There's lots of things to learn, both when shooting and in postproduction.

Gear is important, but skills are more. In my hands, every camera would give the same results. But I'm doing efforts to learn, I "discovered" shooting RAW and editing with LightRoom, and I'm getting better. For now, my Nex5N with kit lens and a Minolta Rokkor 50mm are good enough to have fun and "freeze" nice memories. All the rest is experimenting to get better.

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