Blogger Ming Thein: GH3 a "consumer appliance"

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Re: Blogger Ming Thein: GH3 a "consumer appliance"

MichaelKJ wrote:

Coby wrote:

Do you really  care about his comments  as long as the camera works for you?

Does the camera meet your needs?

That's what really matters, isn't it?

Actually I, and I suspect a number of others who posted in this thread, don't give a hoot about his comments. What irritated me enough to bother commenting was seeing so many people staunchly defending what was clearly a very sub-par effort from him on this particular occasion (particularly with regard to video aspects of the camera).

And, others were responding to those who denigrated him by saying that he is a blogger whore who was intentionally trying to stir up controversy to increase hits on his website.

Enough of this cowardly assault on one man who has a great history and reputation. What a bunch of cowards! Talk about group-think!

Ming Thein cannot for obvious reasons defend himself on this forum and why should he? He has done nothing wrong. But I am going to post here, without permission, what he has to say on the GH3 issue, and I hope the discussion ends. Ming THein is NOT a politician who, being elected to public office, becomes privy to public floggings. A private citizen should be immune from such public trials. Where are the moderators, here?

partial re-post:

"What’s the difference between my reviews and others?
Firstly, experience. Between my current career as a working professional commercial photographer, and my previous career as a editor of a photography magazine, I’ve used alot of gear. That means I’ve got a large basis for comparison. My primary objective is to produce great images, keep clients coming back and attract new ones,  which means that output quality and consistency are paramount; everything else is secondary. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: look at the quality of the sample images as a litmus test to the validity of the statements of the reviewer. I’m not inclined to trust somebody who shows crap samples, clearly has no pride in their own work then makes pronouncements one way or another. It speaks of a lack of quality control and discipline. Secondly, objectivity: I’m not paid by the camera companies (and some actually don’t like me), so I’ll say the truth: if it’s great, I’ll say it’s great. If it’s crap, I’ll say it’s crap. If it’s really crap, I probably won’t even review it in the first place.*

*Case in point: I recently had a Panasonic GH3 on loan. There were enough operational/ usability issues with it that I actively disliked using it to the point that I didn’t want to review it. Image quality is great – it has the same sensor as the OM-D – but if you care about the viewfinder, UI, or the way your camera feels in the hand, then I really don’t have anything good to say about it – especially not at the price they’re asking.

Next, I’m a physicist by training: this means I’m schooled in the scientific method and do testing in a repeatable, objective way. If there are results that are unexpected, I’ll repeat the tests to make sure it’s not an error I caused. If there’s really a problem, I’ll try to get hold of other samples to test for the same behaviour. I don’t make conclusions based on a single observation, unlike other reviewers**. Sample variation happens, and quality control in these days of consumer disposables seems to be optional, and it’s quite possible that what was observed was not typical behaviour of the group as a whole."

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