Praktina lenses are also compatible

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Re: Praktina lenses are also compatible

John Knuhtsen wrote:

I have read somewhere that the 35 F/2.8 is better than the F/2.4.

Hard to say which is better, they are different. 35 f2.4 MC has 6 elements in 6 groups, multi-coating, resulting in better contrast and flare resistance and it is sharper and lighter. Flek 35 f2.8 has few variants "silver" and Zebra" being most common. With 6 elements in 5 groups, it is single coated, suffer from flare, has lower contrast but even smoother bokeh than f2.4. While 35 f2.4 is certainly better lens optically, f2.8 has more of a vintage character.

Written by a photographer having both. The 35 F/2.4 was made by Cosina (known for Voigtländer, not a bad reputation), where the F/2.8 is a real Jena.

As far as I know and my f2.4 clearly state on the barrel - it is made in D.D.R - former Eastern Germany. I would be honestly surprise if they had anything to do with Cosina that time. It's a typical Carl Zeiss Jena DDR lens.

I have a 28 mm CZJ having the same modern house (it might as well be a Cosina) as the 35 F/2.4, so I wanted something different this time (and more rare, but I bought it serviced).

That's a good idea, they will render differently.

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