D7100 heads to the zoo! (15 images included)

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Re: Images at this size would not look any different

Sammy Yousef wrote:

Tap0 wrote:

Please take a look at some of the photographs here. These are not my own, although that does not take away my right to comment on the OP's photographs, since he wanted some feedback in the first place after all. Suggestions for improvement :


Did you take a look at the gear used? Not even in the same league. But lets not quibble about that.

1. Subject isolation (Someone has asked if the OP knew about Bokeh, and rightly so)

No, subject isolation can be done in a lot of ways not just DoF - colour (natural or with artificial desaturation), contrast, even texture. It does not just mean shooting wide open or close to it, nor does it require the background is blurred. But these are zoo photos. Some like to take a documentary style and show the animal in it's element, rather than isolate it and make the animal's environment a blur. Your way of shooting is not the only way, and you don't have the right to tell the OP how he should shoot his images. In fact I've seen a lot of images shot with a lot of depth of field in zoo magazines and books.

2. Better post processing, metering etc. The pictures are not contrasty and look flat and dull.

The OP did not claim superior post processing.

Still at least this is more constructive than "Your photos are rubbish!".

The OPs photos aren't perfect. I don't love the first one over much due to it's composition. And the chimp with his face covered is interesting but I'd find a face much more interesting (and likely very expressive). But I wasn't there and I don't know if the chimp sat like that the whole time or not, or if the OP has other pictures but there was something about that one that he likes. For the most part however I do like the OP's images.

Next time maybe you could open with "I'd like to see better post processing and I prefer shallower DoF to isolate the subject" instead of "your pictures are rubbish". The idea is to encourage development not just rubbish what others do. What does that gain you??? I could just as easily go through your gallery and pick flaws or tell you what I don't like about them without suggesting any improvement and tell you that your style is rubbish. And how likely would you be to listen to me? That kind of advice and $5 will buy you a nice coffee.

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My forum postings reflect my own opinions and not those of my employer. I'm not employed in the photo business.

I have never said that the OP's pictures are rubbish, it is you who mentions this particular line.  I only said that these pictures are not appealing to the eye.

Also, just as you have every right to tell me how to express my opinion, I also have every right to tell the OP my opinion on how I would have shot the images.

You are free to comment on the pictures in my gallery if I had asked for comments. I should be thick skinned enough to accept criticism if I am presenting my photographs for critique.

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